Tortuga Backpacks is an American small business founded by two gentlemen in 2009 who were looking to fit their own and universal need for a carry on friendly travel backpack. Not to be confused with a hiking backpack, the Tortuga line of backpacks is meant for city traveling, and digital nomads. The Tortuga backpack allows its users to bring all their essential goods on any trip without having a check a rolled carry on or large size suitcase.


Subsequently they are looking to redevelop their website with a more engaging customer service experience alongside their already amazing products. After doing some reading into them as a company and their brand I decided to pursue developing a concept for their website redevelopment. My aim is to increase engagement, increase end customers and have them become life long Tortuga family members.


Tortuga has many avenues for engagement already such as their blog (#Packsmith), their social media accounts, and a podcast they produce in house to educate current and future travelers. However they need a website that integrates all of these different avenues into one consistent brand image. 


First and foremost my goal is to show end users that the Tortuga team has created a brand built by travelers for travelers. I want to educate users on the brand history, the founders, what makes Tortuga special, how users integrate the bags into their lives, and how enriching and educational the traveling experience is as a whole.